ICMHD organises courses on a wide range of themes relating to population movement and its implications for health and development. Courses can also be designed according to the needs of clients. Over the past three years ICMHD has offered courses on migration and health implications; managing mass influxes of people; rapid urbanisation and implications for health; public health in emergencies; psychosocial health in emergencies; reproductive health in emergencies; international organisations and health; approaches to healthcare and psychosocial implications of migration.
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Migration and its Implications for Health and Social Development 

Course Date: 13-14 May, 2017
Location: 11 Rte du Nant d’Avril 1214, Geneva, Switzerland
Application Deadline: 15 April 2017

Migration and its implications for health and social development has become a major concern to both receiving and sending countries. At a time when the politics of migration are changing everywhere and when the integration of migrants is being questioned, it is essential that people receiving and working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers be conversant with the dynamics of migration and social integration, and what steps they can and should take to promote health and facilitate integration.

Content Overview
The course covers a number of topics including types of migration, factors affecting voluntary and forced migration, emerging health challenges, implications for healthcare systems, and planning for managing massive influxes of migrants and refugees. The course provides participants with evidence-based insights that can be translated into policies and actions.

Teaching Faculty
The course is given by senior ICMHD staff with a long experience in global health at the WHO, CDC, and other organizations.

Target Audience
The course is aimed towards healthcare professionals, humanitarian workers, public health workers, managers, and others interested in the topic.

Duration and Accreditation 
The course is of two days duration and requires attendance from 09:00 to 17:00. Participants will be provided with a certificate on successful completion of the course.

The course is in English.

Course Fee
General Admission: 800 CHF. The fee includes tuition, lunch, and course materials. Participants will need to meet their own travel and accommodation costs. Please register as soon as possible as the number of participants is limited.

Administrator and
Course Coordinator

Health Management Training Course

Date: 6 - 8 November, 2016
Location: ICMHD, Geneva
Organiser: ICMHD


A three-day training course for hospital administrators for the Xinjiang Medical University (XMU) on changing patterns of communicable and non-communicable diseases and their implications for healthcare systems, and on preparing for and managing emergencies in health.

The course also included visits to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Geneva University Hospital (HUG), and the Geneva Directorate for Health.


Summer Course on Development, Health and Urban Growth in the 21st Century
Date: 6 May to 3 July, 2016
Location: ICMHD, Geneva
Organiser: Tulane University and ICMHD

The course explored the nexus between climate change, rural-urban migration, rapid urbanisation and health. The course included lectures, discussion groups, problem solving exercises, and desktop research. It introduced students to the challenges of urban planning in developing and developed economies.

Site visits were also scheduled to maximise students' exposure to the realities of relief and development agencies' interventions to mitigate urban vulnerabilities, climate change effects, public health crises and complex emergencies. Students visited the World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).